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The Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny LGBTQIA+ Chamber of Commerce

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Scholarships & Financial Assistance

$1,000 Sponsor names (1) LGBTQ+ Small business grant

Sponsoring an LGBTQ+ Small Business Grant is an investment in the future of entrepreneurship, diversity, and inclusivity. It extends a helping hand to LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs who may face unique challenges in accessing resources and funding. By sponsoring such a grant and attaching your name to it, your company not only demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility but also gains increased visibility and brand recognition within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. The impact on the grantee is transformative, providing much-needed financial support, resources, and mentorship to drive business growth, innovation, and sustainability. The fact that the grant bears the sponsor's name creates a legacy of positive change and reinforces the sponsor's dedication to promoting equality and economic opportunities for LGBTQ+ business owners. In essence, this sponsorship is a powerful gesture that bridges communities, empowers entrepreneurs, and contributes to a more inclusive and prosperous business landscape for everyone involved.

$ 500 LGBTQ+ Small Business Grant Fund
Donating to the LGBTQ+ Small Business Grant Fund is a powerful way to make a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and their businesses. Your contribution helps fuel a transformative cycle of support within the LGBTQ+ business community, providing much-needed financial resources to deserving individuals. These funds will be strategically distributed through grants, empowering LGBTQ+ business owners to innovate, grow, and thrive in an often challenging landscape. Your donation is an investment in economic equality, diversity, and inclusivity, helping create opportunities and level the playing field for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. Every dollar you donate will be instrumental in catalyzing positive change and bolstering the resilience and success of LGBTQ+ small businesses. Your generosity is a testament to the strength of community support and the power of collective action in creating a more inclusive and prosperous business world for all.

$ 250 scholarship/financial assistance for member/volunteer tickets to events

Sponsoring a scholarship or financial assistance program for member/volunteer tickets to events is a philanthropic initiative that not only enriches the experiences of dedicated individuals but also strengthens the sense of community and inclusivity within our organization. Your sponsorship empowers members and volunteers to actively engage in our events, furthering their personal and professional development while contributing to the vibrancy of our community. It removes financial barriers, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and benefit from our activities. By supporting this initiative, your company demonstrates a commitment to promoting diversity and providing access to valuable networking and educational opportunities. It's a tangible way to invest in the growth and success of our community members while reinforcing the values of equity and inclusion that underpin our organization. Your sponsorship truly makes a difference in enhancing the inclusivity and impact of our events.

$ 900 scholarship for (1) LGBTQ+ small business LGBTE certification cost

Sponsoring a scholarship for LGBTQ+ small businesses to cover the LGBTE certification cost with the NGLCC (National LGBT Chamber of Commerce) is an investment in fostering entrepreneurship and promoting diversity. This scholarship opportunity not only showcases your commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ businesses but also provides tangible assistance to those seeking certification, a vital step toward growth and recognition. By sponsoring this initiative, your company actively contributes to breaking down barriers and leveling the playing field for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, allowing them to access new opportunities and thrive in the business world. It's a meaningful way to empower individuals and build a stronger, more inclusive business community while demonstrating your dedication to equality and diversity.

$ 300 Membership Scholarship for 1 business
Sponsoring a Membership Scholarship for a business to join 3RBA is a remarkable gesture of support for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurship and inclusivity. This scholarship not only removes financial barriers for a deserving business but also provides them with access to a dynamic network of like-minded professionals, resources, and opportunities. By sponsoring this initiative, your company actively contributes to the growth and success of LGBTQ+ businesses while strengthening the fabric of our diverse business community. It's a tangible way to demonstrate your commitment to equality and diversity, and to help deserving entrepreneurs thrive within a supportive and inclusive business environment. Your sponsorship transforms potential into reality, fostering connections, growth, and innovation within the LGBTQ+ business landscape.

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