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The Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny LGBTQIA+ Chamber of Commerce

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Frequently Asked questions

    1.    How often does the 3RBA meet?

    3RBA meets at least six times a year. Programming includes business networking, educational programming, business growth opportunities, and joint events with other community groups. Keep an eye on the Event Calendar for all dates, times and locations.

    2.    Do I have to own a business to join?

    Absolutely not! 3RBA is both a business and professional networking group, and we encourage individuals who are looking to network with other businesses and professionals to join.

    3.    How do I join?

    Click here to view information about our membership levels.

    4.    Does 3RBA have a code of conduct for its members?

    Yes. 3RBA expects all members to follow its Code of Conduct.

    5.    I'm starting a new business. Does 3RBA have any resources available to help me?

    Yes. 3RBA has members and partners whose expertise is supporting entrepreneurs and/or small business owners. 3RBA also provides education, access to capital, certification opportunities, supplier diversity networking and a myriad of other activities to support individuals in the creation of their businesses.

    6.    Can 3RBA assist me in getting an LGBT Business Enterprise® (LGBTBE®) designation for my business?

    Yes. As a 3RBA member, our partnership with the NGLCC, the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, gives you access to the many programs and benefits available through the NGLCC, including certification as an LGBTBE®. For more information on the process, click here.

    7.    How can I advertise on 3RBA's web site?

    Review our sponsorship opportunities which include prominent placement for banner ads on the 3RBA's web site.

    8.    I would like to present a program at one of 3RBA's member meetings. How can I do that?

    3RBA loves to have diverse programming amongst our members and partners. Contact the Program Committee Chair with your proposal.

    9.    I'd like to be a member, but I do not want my membership public. Can you do that?

    Absolutely! Our online directory is available to only 3RBA members.

    10. Do I have to be LGBT+ to join 3RBA?

    Not at all! Our membership includes many supporters who desire to do business with the LGBT+ community. Our allied members make up a healthy percentage of the total membership.

    11. Are my dues or other contributions or gifts to 3RBA tax deductible?

    Membership dues and other contributions or gifts to 3RBA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. To learn more, check out 3RBA's IRS 501(c)(6) exemption letter.

    12. What is the 3RBA Foundation?

    In 2019, Three Rivers Business Alliance Foundation was established to assist 3RBA fund its educational programming and allow 3RBA to concentrate on being a membership association. To learn more about the 3RBA Foundation and its IRS 501(c)(3) exemption status, click here.

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